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We make technology accessible

Introducing a first of its kind XR Controller for Smartphones (Patent pending).
A brand new way to experience the Immersive Worlds in Virtual and Mixed Reality

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Our Mission

At TechXR, we are leading the charge in the XR Revolution by democratizing the access to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology. We aim to bring the Emerging Technologies sector to the mainstream.

What we Do

We work in the Extended Reality (XR) domain and specialize in creating completely immersive and interactive Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality experiences. We research and implement cutting edge technologies that form the core of the technological revolution which has only just begun to appear on the horizon.


Our Solutions

A World-class Interactive, Immersive, Creative and Learning Experience which works directly with smartphones


The existing modes of deployment of Creative, Fun and learning content are not as rich and immersive as those enabled by XR technologies like Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. However, the AR/VR/MR solutions that provide complete immersion and natural interaction with the virtual world are too expensive for the mainstream, whereas the affordable solutions are limited by either their extent of immersion or the level of interaction, or both.


Hands-on experiments face the challenges of costs, resources and repeatability constraints. Traditional industrial training and science experiment setups are too complex and costly to implement. Current hardware requirement for Virtual Learning and Training is too costly for regular users and institutions

We deliver

A 6DoF(six degree of freedom) XR Controller which:

- Works directly with smartphones
- Allows complete immersion in the virtual interactive environment
- Eliminates the requirement of expensive hardware
- Easily affordable for general public
- Makes the entire learning process intuitive, interesting and fun

We create and innovate

Introducing a first of its kind XR Controller(patent pending).A brand new way to experience the Immersive worlds in AR and VR

Our Work

Check out some samples of our work in these videos. We are continuously developing new applications targeting various sectors, including, but not limited to, Education, Workplace and Production Simulation, Real-Time Multi-User Collaboration and more.

Multi User Collboration

Meet up and share ideas with your friend/collegues in virtual space through your smartphones.

Interior Designing

Design your dream custom house interior


Interactive Periodic Table


Exciting games with complete immersion.


Dissection of the human body and plants to study its anatomical structure.

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F-601 Virasha Heights,
Danish Kunj, Bhopal, 462042